The financial impact of Covid-19 on your family

20th November 2020

Over the last year millions of people have suffered from Covid-19, and over 60,000 have sadly lost their lives to this virus in the UK alone.

Whilst the impact on our physical wellbeing is often talked about, the financial implications are generally forgotten until it is too late.

  • Could you pay your bills and mortgage if your partner were to die?
  • Would you have sufficient to live on if you required a long time off work through ill health or lost your job?
  • Who would you want to make decisions on your medical treatment if you were not in a position to be able to? A loved one or a stranger?
  • Would you be leaving a large Inheritance Tax Bill for your family to pay, if you were to die?

Broom Consultants Ltd have been providing our clients with solutions to these issues. Please contact your representative for a chat around how we can help put your finances in good order during these difficult times.

One easy solution is life cover. From as little as £45.00 pm you could cover your family over the next ten years in case a disaster struck.

The table below is an indication of guaranteed life cover rates as of November 2020 based on: 10 year level term for a non-smoking life assuming standard rates with no loadings.

life standard table

By discussing your requirements with your financial adviser, you could ensure that your loved ones do not need to worry financially if you were gone.
Please contact us on 01277 202222 for further information on life cover, income protection, estate planning and power of attorney.

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