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Savings & investments

Savings & investments

When you work hard for your money it is beneficial to make it work equally hard for you. There is a wide spectrum of investment choices available to individuals as well as companies. However choosing the most suitable one for you is dependent on many factors (Risk, Term, Growth or income are but a few of the considerations).

Can you allow your money to wither and possibly die due to the effects of taxation, inflation or the lack of ongoing active management?

Broom Consultants aim to make sure that any investment decisions made are based on accurate research, taking into account all your immediate or future aims as well as any other relevant factors.

Our dedicated wealth management service provides an active ongoing review of investment funds and assets to maximise the growth potential of our clients' money.

To discuss the investment products that may be suitable for you, please contact us.

Broom Consultants Limited is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.