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Determining your needs and objectives and providing appropriate investment recommendations to help you to meet your financial goals, is an important part of any financial plan.

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Whether it be for immediate access or longer-term investments, we tailor recommendations to suit your circumstances, goals, and agreed risk level and ensure we maximise any tax-planning opportunities.

There are many types of investment products available. Amongst the products we offer:

  • Individual Savings Accounts (ISAs), including ISA transfer
  • General Investment Accounts / Unit Trusts, Open-Ended Investment Companies (OEICs)
  • Structured Products (Investment and Deposit)
  • Investment Bonds
  • Trust Investments
  • Regular pension savings.

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Growing seeds

I have recently been working with Sally at Broom Consultants who has advised me on pensions and an ISA for retirement savings. Sally has the heart of a teacher and takes her time explaining all the options and what they mean.

D Breley

Great company, Great advisers. I would definitely recommend Jeff Watson to everyone looking to structure their financial affairs.

V Patel

Sally and her team are true professionals. There is nothing that Sally doesn't know about your investments and insurances. I would highly recommend her and Broom.

P Fisher

Hi Dom/Stephen,

Just wanted to thank you both for all the work you have put in to help us sort out our finances.

To be honest before we met, we were not in a good place mentally regarding our finances and after all your advice you have made life look doable again.

Thanks once again.
S Howard and S Smith

Savings & investment products

 An overview of some of the products we offer:


Individual savings accounts (ISAs) are a tax-efficient way to save and invest money.

  • Cash ISA – similar to a normal deposit account except there is a limit to how much you can pay in each tax year (annual ISA allowance). Interest earned in a cash ISA is tax free. 
  • Stocks and shares ISA – invest up to your annual ISA allowance in the stock market. Resulting dividends are exempt from income tax and any profit from investments is free of capital gains tax.
  • Lifetime ISA - deposits are topped up by the government with strict limits on eligibility and withdrawal.

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Unit Trusts and OEICs

Unit Trusts and Open Ended Investment Companies (OEICs) are forms of shared investments, or funds where money from many investors is pooled and invested in world stock markets by a fund manager .

The fund manager will invest in a mix of different investments the scope of which may be defined by the fund. This spread of investment helps to spread risk without having to individually invest a lot of money.

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A structured product is a fixed-term investment.

  • Structured deposits - Savings accounts where the rate of interest is linked to the stock market index or another performance measure.
  • Structured investments - Funds invested with the return dependent on the stock market index or another performance measure.

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Investment bonds

Investment bonds allow you to invest a lump sum for a period of time (normally as a long-term investment) and can complement other investments as part of your overall portfolio.

Investment bonds have a unique position in the UK tax framework that allows investors to defer tax when either taking income or drawing capital.

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Regular pension savings

Our specialist team can talk through the pension savings options available.

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Ethical and sustainable investments

In the same way that consumers are driving environmental and ethical changes through their buying decisions, the same can be true of the investments you hold.

Choosing ethical, environmental and sustainable investments can both meet your performance objectives and help to make a positive impact on the world.

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The Investment Process

1. Becoming a client

We gather relevant information from you, the investor, to ascertain:

  • What are your aspirations?
  • Do you require capital growth, income or both?
  • Is this a joint or individual investment?
  • What is your expected investment term?
  • What funds are suitable for your risk tolerance?

We will require you to complete:

2. Attitude to risk

With modern techniques known as synaptic modelling, based on your own thoughts about investments, we can agree your attitude to investment risk for each area of advice on which a recommendation is to be made.

You will be taken through the process of completing either a risk profile questionnaire or an attitude to risk review document.

3. Investment platform

Where it is appropriate to your needs and objectives and based on the information gathered, we may recommend an investment platform (WRAP). This allows access to portfolios of funds to match your capacity and tolerance for loss and attitude to risk. This approach allows funds to be bought and sold with no initial charge to keep the portfolios relevant.

We analyse the WRAP providers, review their administrative processes and negotiate discounts in the fees. The reduces the cost to our clients and ensures good practice and governance with the WRAP providers.

We will obtain information from any existing plans you have following completion of a letter of authority.

4. Investment strategy

If your risk profile (step 2) suggested that a DFM portfolio is suitable, we would recommend one or more of our current portfolio offerings, selected via our chosen Discretionary Fund Manager. Our portfolio parameters are Short, Medium and Long.

These portfolios are built by our selected external fund managers. Only after extensive research will individual funds be considered suitable for inclusion in one of our fix portfolios. The DFM and Broom Consultants Ltd constantly monitor and manage the investments to strict parameters to ensure our clients do not take on any unexpected level of investment risk.

5. Ongoing service

Your circumstances and investment choices may change overtime. Broom Consultants are here to support you. Our advisers will be happy to answer questions and review your investment decisions.

The value of investments and the income they produce can fall as well as rise. You may get back less than you invested.

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